What is a Standard SEO Project?

This is a common question, so let’s clarify now.


Let’s cover that first as I’m sure you are interested.

I usually work on retainer with a marketing agency. I help them create optimized websites, answer client questions and make them money! Do I have your attention? Awesome.

Here’s how you (as an agency) make money. I bill at a set hourly rate to you. You then bill the client your rate, covering my amount in that invoice. I am your subcontractor. You get increased billable hours and profit with no extra overhead. Pretty amazing deal.

You get an optimized website, a happy client, and more money. What more could you want?!! 😀

Project Files/Specifics

What does the project involve?

Depending on your timeline (opens in new window) it will involve:

1. A client call/meet and greet to explain my responsibilities as well as answer general questions.
2. An interview process to help me understand the client, their offerings. and their specific goals. SEO is about keywords, and we need to pick the right ones to complete their goal.

3. A file share process, giving me access to their website analytics (if applicable).

4. A keyword research process which ends up with a massive, yet highly organized and easy to use Excel file.

  • This is all the keywords that apply to the client. Commonly called a Keyword Universe.
  • It includes the keywords that are searched often and have low competition online.
  • There is also a sorting process to help us choose which keywords to use.

5. A page mapping process which outlines which keyword to attach to which page and how.
6. A 301 redirect file (specific file depending on server type) to switch old URLs to new URLs (if applicable). TXT file or Excel.
7. An XML sitemap containing the new page titles and URLs.
8. A monthly measurement report (PDF) and call (if applicable).
9. A linkbuilding strategy and execution of strategy (monthly).
10. Additional consulting and Q/A sessions as needed.

*Please note that the outputs are Excel files, PDF reports, and emails. Coding is taken care of by whoever is the developer. While I can answer questions and assist them, I prefer to stay away from that part. This is due to timelines, its just more efficient to keep me doing SEO and developers developing. Any questions? Please ask!

So what is the total number of hours? This depends on many factors. The largest of these are: number of webpages to be optimized, level of organic competition (ranking for “best plastic fork manufacturer” is far easier than “car insurance”), as well as current technical issues that are present on the website.

I do take small projects on, as well as larger monthly projects, just shoot me an email and figure out my current availability. I prefer to stay responsive to current clients and I refuse to take on too many projects at a time.

Contact me today and we will get started!